How To Use Car Jack Stands

How To Use Car Jack Stands The Right Way

Car jack stands are important for every car owner. This tool is used to lift your car to the right height. It helps owners to repair their cars and check up the vehicle for maintenance. However, not everyone is aware of how jack stands should be used. To avoid any serious accidents, make sure to follow these steps when using your jack stands.

Step 1: Park Properly

Before anything else, you have to park your car properly on a flat surface. This is a must since it would keep your jack stands in place while you’re working on your vehicle. Make sure that the surface is concrete so that your vehicle won’t move. If you try to do this procedure on grass or soft surface, it might lead to severe injury. Also, remember to use the parking brake to make the car stable.

Step 2: Wheel Chocks

Another essential tool that you need to have ready are wheel chocks. You have to use this on the wheels that you won’t be jacking up. This prevents your wheels from rolling when the other end of the vehicle is jacked up.

Step 3: Read Your Owner’s Manual

You might not have heard this before, but there are proper jacking points underneath your car. These points are made to be durable and strong enough to handle the weight of the car while it’s lifted. To know the proper jacking points, refer to your owner’s manual and make sure to follow all the instructions when it comes to the jacking up the vehicle. You should also check the floor jack and the jack stands. Inspect them for any defects before using.

Step4: Use The Floor Jack

After referring to the manual, you can now use a floor jack and hoist the vehicle. You can either use a hydraulic jack or a scissor jack to do this step. Raise the car up to the level that you’ll need to carry out your task.

Step 5: Place The Jack Stands

Get two jack stands and place them under the vehicle. Make sure that they are under the right jacking points. Again, make sure that the stands are placed tightly under the vehicle and that they are standing on a flat and solid surface. You can check the security of your jack stands with your hand before removing your floor jack. To be safe, place a tire or wooden blocks near the jacking points.

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